“Rondi Charleston is an outstanding contemporary jazz singer and an even better songwriter…she has created one of the better jazz vocal albums you’re likely to hear right now” —Will Friedwald

“Hers is an immense gift…the jazz equivalent of a gin and tonic: cool, clear and effervescent with a deliciously subtle kick” —JazzTimes


The dozen breathtaking performances on Who Knows Where The Time Goes, singer and songwriter Rondi Charleston’s upcoming Motéma Music release, are a showcase for one of the most compelling artists in contemporary music. Who Knows Where The Time Goes is the follow-up to her 2008, critically acclaimed release In My Life.

A storyteller by nature, and a dedicated vocalist, Charleston has established herself as a favorite among a core group of respected critics. The New York Times has called Rondi, “utterly delightful…her emotional range is wide…a joy to hear.” And Grammy-winning journalist and music historian Bob Blumenthal considers her, …”that rare combination of native talent and keen perception…a commanding vocal stylist and a spellbinding storyteller…”

Performing music is as natural as storytelling for the Juilliard-trained Charleston, whose instinct provides the warm lucidity of her work on Who Knows Where the Time Goes.

The former Chicago native’s luminous rhythmic flexibility and immediate timbral richness are heard throughout the recording, whether confessing the longings of “Please Send Me Someone to Love” or demonstrating a force as strong as gravity on her originals, “Dance of Time,” the remarkable tale of “Land of Galilee,” or reflections on the heart-wrenching ancestral journey in “Your Spirit Lingers,” Charleston writes and sings with full engagement and zero pretense, wasting no words.

Motéma Music owner/label head Jana Herzen said of Rondi’s signing, “I treasure her passion, vision and talent for perceiving and telling compelling, universal stories. The arts for me are all about the journey, and Rondi has much to share on that front.”

Blending her diverse careers in music and media, the collection of tunes on Who Knows Where the Time Goes, including the title song, are marked by honest words, skillful writing and intelligent music. Charleston’s unique style is a wonderfully accessible form of jazz and jazz-inspired songs all delivered with the ease of the classic American Standard or the brilliant simplicity of a Top 40 pop tune.

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