Motema Recording artist, singer-songwriter Rondi Charleston’s dazzling label debut Who Knows Where the Time Goes was released on February 8th, 2011, following a stunning and impressive round of pre-release praise. The dozen breathtaking performances on the new CD, showcase one of the most compelling artists in contemporary music. Who Knows Where The Time Goes is the follow-up to her 2008, critically acclaimed release In My Life. The former Emmy and Peabody Award winning investigative journalist who comes so naturally to storytelling, Charleston’s hard work and dedication has helped establish her as a favorite among a core group of respected critics.

Fav TV Shows: 30 Rock, Parenthood, The Daily Show, ABC News with (former boss) Diane Sawyer
Fav Movies: currently – Waiting for Superman
Fav Music: Jazz!!! Esperanza Spaulding,
Fav City: my home town – Chicago!
Fav Food: Anything by Mario Batali, and comfort food made by my husband
Fav Day of the Week: Every day except Monday!
Fav Color: Green
Fav Quote: “It is never too late to be who you might have been!” – George Elliot
Fav Memory: The moment I held my baby girl in my arms for the first time

If I was a superhero, my power would be… to be able change people’s thoughts from evil to good.
If I had a billion dollars, I would… invest it in teacher’s salaries in the U.S. public schools
If I was a shooting star, I would land… on a beach in St. John

TV show I want back on TV: I Love Lucy!

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